$ME --cache_directory=dir [--update|--rebuild [--force]] git:dir dir ... $ME [--since=[sha1|'n h'|'n min'|'n s']|--time_padding=1.05] git:dir $ME [--pull|--nopull] git:dir $ME --files_from_system $ME --process_verbose|--recurse_verbose|--cache_verbose ... $ME --help


The directories must either be git repository roots:


or a plain directory


If the directory is a git directory, 'git pull' is executed in it before looking for changes, use --nopull not to.



$ME --since=cafe0123 $ME --since='24 h' $ME --since='3 min' --time_padding=1.0 # exactly 3 minutes

The default is --since=$Opt{since}, but with the time padding that ends up being more. The --since=time are first converted to seconds, and then multiplied by $Opt{time_padding}.

At most the time padding increases the since value by $MAX_PAD_SEC seconds, and at least by $MIN_PAD_SEC seconds.

The padding is done to paper over processing overlap, so that one can e.g. daily reprocess and not miss things. This is obviously an ugly hack: for git repositories a better way is to use the exact checksums.

By default only the files requiring attention are listed, with "R" for refreshes (modified or addded), and "D" for deletes. To really update the ppixref cache you need

--cache_directory=dir --update

which will reprocess the modified files, process the added files, and remove the cache files of deleted files.


--files_from_system will add all the directories from the library directories, which default to the @INC.


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