perltidy_ko - tidy perl files in Komodo with a project rc


version 1.151340


Define this script as a formatter in your Komodo preferences. Perl::Tidy will then use either .perltidyrc in the same directory as the currently open file, or if that does not exist, walk up the directories until it finds a .perltidyrc in a directory that also contains a lib directory and use that, or if that does not exist defer to Perl::Tidy's inbuilt search algorithms.


To define this script as a formatter in Komodo, follow these steps. (The guide is made for Komodo 7, it might differ slightly in your case.)

1. open Komodo's preferences window
a screenshot of the komdo 7 preferences window
2. click on 'Formatters' on the left-hand side
3. click on the green 'Plus' button to add a new formatter
a screenshot of the komdo 7 'add a formatter' window
4. type in or select the following:
a) a unique name for your formatter, e.g. "Perltidy"
b) the language for the formatter, i.e. "Perl"
c) the type of formatter, i.e. "Generic command-line formatter"
d) the executable name to use, i.e. "perltidy_ko"

Perl::Tidy::Komodo does not need any command line arguments, since those should be set in .perltidyrc either in the project directory, above it, or in the user home directory.

5. click "OK" in both windows to save
6. to run perltidy on an open file or a selection, use the right-click menu, or define a short-cut, i recommend ctrl+e


Christian Walde <>


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