Top rules

  • None defined -- this is a library module.

Utility functions

  • CreateObjectsFile

              This function is a builder for .objects files and creates a file containing
            all the object-file dependencies of the current directory. Any .objects files
            specified as a dependency to the .objects file being built will be expanded;
            that is, a .objects file contains all of the object file dependencies of the
            current directory and all subdirectories it depends on.
              These files are used to quickly find all the dependencies of a (sub)directory
            for inclusion in e.g. linking.
              AddRule 'my.objects', [ 
                                      '%TARGET_PATH/my.objects' =>   'subdir/other.objects'
                                                                   , 'cool_stuff.o'
                                                                   , 'more_stuff.o'
              => \&CreateObjectsFile ;

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