GNU toolchain configuration

Variables you may want to tweak:

  • GENERATE_COVERAGE if set, adds SPECIAL_CFLAGS to generate coverage

    data for gcov.

  • CC, CPP, CXX, AR, AS, The commands to use. Each compilter suite configuration

    LD, OBJDUMP is expected to set these.

  • LDFLAGS Mandatory libraries to include when linking the final

    executable. LDFLAGS gets tacked onto the end of the link command-line.

  • WFLAGS C-compiler warning flags.

  • ARFLAGS Flags to the archiver command when creating link libraries.

  • OPTIMIZE_CFLAGS Optimization options to the C compiler.

  • CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS The flags that appear on the C and C++ compiler commandline,

    respectively. Typically '%WFLAGS %SPECIAL_CFLAGS %OPTIMIZE_CFLAGS' or similar.

We also use Devel::Depend::Cpp as our depender.