NAME - uses the file system file watch system to accelerate PBS


  $> perl 


This utility uses the native file watching mechanism (win32 or inotify) to speedup PBS MD5 verification.

watch_server opens a socket on port 12001 and waits for PBS to contact it. For PBS to use this you must specify --use_watch_server and --warp. PBS registers the files to watch and doesn't use MD5 any more to verify the warp tree. On linux, the difference is minimal. The improvement is more spectacular on Win32 machines where the file caching policy is poor.

 We are planning to do all the configuration through zeroconf. and use the watch server to speed up more than
 warp runs.
 the watch server is only used to speedup the warp verification to start with. We are also planning to use
 the watch server throughout the whole PBS, inclusive distributed PBS.


Khemir Nadim ibn Hamouda.