pod2docbook - Convert POD data to DocBook SGML


pod2docbook [--help] [--doctype=article|chapter|section|refentry] [--title=title] [--spaces=# spaces per indent level] [--fix-double-quotes] [--no-header] [--base-id=idstring] [infile [outfile]]


pod2docbook converts files from pod format (see perlpod) to DocBook 4.2 SGML (see The program itself is merely a driver for the Pod::2::DocBook class; if you're interested in details of pod-to-SGML translation see Pod::2::DocBook.



Print usage and exit.


Specifies the document type for the output file; the default is section.


Specifies the document title. The default is infile, if it is supplied, or empty string otherwise.

[--spaces=# spaces per indent level]

Specifies the number of spaces per indent level in the SGML output; the default is 2.


Replace pairs of double quotes in regular paragraphs with <quote> and </quote> (see Pod::2::DocBook for details).


Omit the DOCTYPE line from the output.


The name of the file from which to read pod source; if not supplied, STDIN is used for input.


The name of the file to which to write SGML; if not supplied, STDOUT is used for output.


The root element of the --doctype will have the idstring set for attribute id. The default is an input file name "cleaned up" to conform with XML restriction for characteds used in id strings. (SEE


pod2docbook, perlpod, Pod::DocBook, SVN repo -,, doc/ + examples/pod2docbook-docbook/ for Pod::2::DocBook DocBook documentation

DocBook related links:,,


Alligator Descartes <> wrote a module called Pod::2::DocBook, which was later maintained by Jan Iven <>. That module was based on the original pod2html by Tom Christiansen <>.

Nandu Shah <> wrote Pod::DocBook, which is unrelated to the previous module (even though they both perform the same function). (

Jozef Kutej <> renamed the module to Pod::2::DocBook because Nandus version was buried in the CPAN archive as an "UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE".


Copyright 2004, Nandu Shah <>

Copyright 2008, Jozef Kutej <>

This library is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself