autopod - using the Perl library Pod::Autopod to generate javadoc like documentation with pod syntax. It is designed to understand perl code in class style, so typically PM files.


autopod [OPTIONS]


The following options may be used:


Prints this help.

--readfile | -r

Perl module to be parsed for building a pod.

--writefile | -w

Output file to write the pod.

If this filename has a "pm" extension, it also writes the perl code which was read from the origin.

If this filename has a "pod" extension or any other, it only writes the pod content.

If there is no --writefile used and no --print, it overwrites the file set via --readfile.

My personal warning: as long this is a new software, better backup your pm file before overwriting it directly.

--print | -p

Instead of writing to a file, you can print to STDOUT the generated pod file.

        e.g.: autopod -r Foo/ -p 

        You may combine this line to pipe to further applications.

        e.g.: autopod -r Foo/ -p | pod2text 
        Do not use it in combination with readdir.
--readdir | -d

Scans a directory recursiv for pm files and generates the pod for them.

--update | -u

In combination with --readdir it updates only files which have been pod'ed with autopod in the past. An alternative is to write somewhere in the pm file the magic word "AUTOPODME".


In combination with --readdir it writes separat pod files instead of updating the original pm files. They will be parallel to the pm file.


It writes the pod files to a separate directory. --pod is automatically enabled when using --poddir.


In combination with --readdir it prints the filenames which are written. -d mylibs -u -verbose
--version | -v

Prints the version of Pod::Autopod.

licence is LGPL

by Andreas Hernitscheck ahernit(AT)