Curtis "Ovid" Poe


pod2mom - Turn POD into mom


 pod2mom [options] file_with_pod


All options will override any options inferred from the POD document.

Boolean options:

 --cover        Create a cover page
 --toc          Create a table of contents
 --stdtoc       "mom" standard table of contents page (at end of document)
 --ps           Create a Postscript file (requires groff in your path)
 --nops         Don't create a Postscript file

Options that take arguments:

 --title        Title of document
 --subtitle     Subtitle of document
 --copyright    Copyright info (only displayed with --cover)
 --author       Author of document
 --parser       Alternate parser to use (subclass from Pod::Parser::Groffmom)

This script turns a standard POD file into a "mom" document. If the --ps option is present, attempts to create a Postscript document with the same name as the original document, but with a .ps extension. This is suitable for opening with Ghostview (gv), (on Mac OS X) or anything else which can open Postscript files.

Note that "mom" limits you to having the table of contents at the end of the document. If you specify --toc and not --stdtoc, we attempt to rewrite the Postscript document on the fly to reposition the table of contents. If Postscript generation is not requested, --toc and --stdtoc are the same (the Table of Contents is at the end of the document).