purple - Document authoring system


  purple --add_ids [--url=URL] /path/to/wikidb F<>

  purple [--add_ids] [--driver=driverName] [--css=stylesheet] [--url=URL] \
    /path/to/wikidb F<> F<output.[txt|html]>



Add node IDs to the input file.


Use driverName as the View driver.


Use stylesheet as the CSS stylesheet for HTML output.


The URL of the document. This is used to maintain an index of node IDs and URLs, so that PurpleWiki can find the exact URL using only the NID.


Add and maintain purple numbers to a WikiText source document, and generate text and HTML output files.


1. Write your document using WikiText formatting.

2. When you're ready to add purple numbers, do:

  purple --add_ids

where is your document.

3. When you're ready to generate a text version, do:

  purple outputFile.txt

where outputFile.txt is the name of the output file. For an HTML version, do:

  purple outputFile.html

To combine steps 2 and 3, do:

  purple --add_ids outputFile.html

4. When you edit, don't touch the [nid] metatags. If you add new content, run purple --add_ids again.


Chris Dent, <>

Eugene Eric Kim, <>