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sreview-cut - cut a talk out of the raw recording data


sreview-cut TALKID


sreview-cut performs the following actions:

  • Look up the talk with id TALKID in the database.

  • From the raw files, extract the amount of video that, according to the schedule, is part of the talk of which the event was given as the main video (with adjustments as specified by the reviewer, if any, applied).

  • Extract the 20 minutes just before and the 20 minutes just after the main video into the pre and post videos.

  • Apply A/V sync correction values if any exist by removing either some video or some audio from the beginning of the extracted region.

  • Run bs1770gain over the audio of the main video, and re-integrate it with that main video.

  • Set the progress field of the talk in the database to done, provided its state field is still at cutting.

sreview-cut will never re-encode the original video, and will re-encode the original audio of the main video precisely once, after the bs1770gain call.

Any re-transcodes should be performed by sreview-transcode (for production) and/or sreview-previews (for reviewers).


sreview-cut considers the following configuration values:


The location where any temporary files are stored. Defaults to /tmp, but can be overriden if necessary. These temporary files are removed when sreview-cut finishes.


The DBI string used to connect to the database.


The directory where files available to the review system should be stored. It should be made available to users as /video/ under the virtual host top level.


sreview-transcode, sreview-previews, sreview-skip, sreview-config