SVK::Command::Commit - Commit changes to depot


 commit [PATH...]


 --import               : import mode; automatically add and delete nodes
 --interactive          : interactively select which "chunks" to commit
 -m [--message] MESSAGE : specify commit message MESSAGE
 -F [--file] FILENAME   : read commit message from FILENAME
 --encoding ENC         : treat -m/-F value as being in charset encoding ENC
 --template             : use the specified message as the template to edit
 -P [--patch] NAME      : instead of commit, save this change as a patch
 -C [--check-only]      : try operation but make no changes
 -N [--non-recursive]   : operate on single directory only
 --set-revprop P=V      : set revision property on the commit
 --direct               : commit directly even if the path is mirrored