Gennadiy Filatov
and 1 contributors


Salvation::CLI - Salvation CLI tool

SYNOPSIS -d -S 'YourSystem' -d -S 'YourSystem' -s 'SomeService' -d -S 'YourSystem' -s 'SomeService' -h 'SomeTypeForHook' -v 'SomeValueForHook' -d -S 'YourSystem' -s 'SomeService,OtherService' -h 'SomeTypeForHook' -v 'SomeValueForHook'


Command line tool which helps with generation of Salvation project files and directory tree.



Represents your intent to deploy a project.

Generates files and directory tree.


Specifies the name of system affected.


Specifies the name of service affected.


Specifies the name of type of hook affected.


Specifies the value of hook affected.