Author image Milan Šorm
and 1 contributors


svplus - SchemaView Plus GUI for drawing database schemas


        svplus [file]


        svplus example.svp


SchemaView Plus is a GUI for retrieve, drawing and printing database schema.

Schema can be retrieved using DBIx::SystemCatalog (currently supported basicly all current DBD drivers, some better support for PostgreSQL and quite well support for Oracle).

Program use XML for storing and retrieving data in text files. You can write any filters to modify these XML files for add new functionality based on your projects (e.g. droping off some relationships etc.). You can specify one filename on command line for autoloading it after GUI start up.

Schema can be printed to PostScript file.




Droping IDT relationships, layers for tables and views (for selecting some tables from schema as problem analysis), support for SV format, on-line web generating printing (to some image format), context toolbox, hints on status line, alignment and grid, printing copies, text tool for making notes on canvas, integrated manual or web documentation, setting canvas size by user (enlarging), backward update for databases, support comments in database schema, box with texts as special kind of objects, autoplacement, ortogonal moving of object with Shift key, multilanguage support, configuration rc file with environment options, bookmarks for connecting to database, solving known bugs.


Problem with manipulating of dragpoint in smooth coords based connection method, retrieving only updates from database -- now forgot all new informations, I retrieve always all relationships (e.g. for 1 table in large schema - slow), many tables in create relationship don't allow selection, selecting object on canvas don't click_repository(), d'n'd object from object repository rollback in object repository listbox and filter don't work.


(c) 2001-02 Milan Sorm, at Faculty of Economics, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Czech Republic.

Special thanks for Miroslav Kripac (SchemaView), Ludek Finstrle (PgSQL support, contributor, betatester), Ing. Hana Netrefova (betatester), Bc. Jan Muller (betatester) and Jos T.J. van Eijdnhoven (original poster in C).

This program was made because we need draw large database schema for University Information System at our university. Miroslav Kripac's SchemaView was our first solution but because SchemaView was written in Java (slow, slow and slow) and don't have needed functions like scrollable canvas we write this yet another drawer.


perl(1); DBI(3), Tk(3), XML::Parser(3), XML::Dumper(3), DBIx::SystemCatalog(3), Math::Project(3), Hints(3), Print::Printcap(3), PostScript::Poster(3).