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    use Sendmail::Milter;

    Sendmail::Milter::register(NAME, { CALLBACKS }, FLAGS);


This is a compatibility interface which emulates the "standard" Sendmail::Milter API.


The following functions are available in this module. Unlike Sendmail::PMilter, this interface involves a single, global instance of milter data, so these functions are called without an object reference.

For each function, see the description of its object-based counterpart in Sendmail::PMilter.

Sendmail::Milter::auto_getconn(NAME[, CONFIG])
Sendmail::Milter::auto_setconn(NAME[, CONFIG])
Sendmail::Milter::main([MAXCHILDREN[, MAXREQ]])
Sendmail::Milter::register(NAME, CALLBACKS[, FLAGS])

One extension function is provided by this implementation.


Returns the Sendmail::PMilter instance underlying this emulation layer. This allows mostly-unmodified milter scripts to set PMilter extensions (such as dispatcher and sendmail.cf values). It is recommended, however, that new code use the object instance methods described in Sendmail::PMilter.


In order to preserve compatibility with the standard Sendmail::Milter interface, all SMFI* constants described in Sendmail::PMilter are exported into the caller's namespace by default.

(Note that Sendmail::PMilter itself does not export these symbols by default.)