jeos-build - Create a stand-alone VMware image from a Shipwright vessel


  jeos-build --image Vessel \
             --vessel file://path/to/svn \
             --skip-test \
             --rcfile boot-rc.local



Sets the name of the VMware image to create. This option is required.


The base VMware image to clone from. If this option is not provided, it is assumed to be the --image argument with -base appended. If the base image does not exist, but the destination image does, the base image is first created by copying the destination image.

--vessel URI

The URI to the shipwright source vessel. This should be a URI that can be understood by svn co. This option is required.

--store PATH

Specifies the name of the local VMware datastore to use. This option is required if there is more than one local VMware datastore.

--flags FLAGS

Specifies the set of flags to be passed on to shipwright-build.


Passes --skip-test to the shipwright-build invocation, which skips all tests when building the finished vessel.


Creates a partial build. That is, the completed /opt/install is not copied out into a new clean copy of the base image, but is left in-place. This option is faster, and usually suffices for all but the last clean build.

--rcfile PATH

Sets the rc.local file which is copied over to the image after a sucessful build. This file should set up first run properties of the appliance. It omitted, defaults to the default, no-op rc.local.

--username USERNAME

A valid username on the VMware image. Providing this, though not required, allows for realtime updates as to the status of the install.

--password PASSWORD

The password for the above account.


Used if the build is already in progress on the VMware instance, but the corresponding invocation to jeos-build was aborted. In all other cases, it is an error to run jeos-build with the destination VMware instance not in the "powered off" state.


These help pages.



The password to use when connecting to the local VMware Server. If this file does not exist, or cannot be read, the user will be prompted.


The default path to the local VMware Server datastore configuration file.