get contact data from a Siebel database by using COM

SYNOPSIS --user=foobar --password=foobar --cfg=foobar.cfg --datasource=foobar [--help] [--man]


    --help          this brief help message
    --man           full description of the script

    --user          user for connection authentication

    --password      password for to authentication

    --cfg           Siebel client configuration file

    --datasource    the datasource inside the configuration file to be used


This is a simple example of usage of Siebel::COM.

This script will connect to a Siebel database by using COM (more specifically Siebel COM data server) and loop over all contacts in the database, printing to the STDOUT the following information:

  • Birth Date

  • Created

  • Created By Name

  • Email Address

  • Fax Phone

  • First Name

  • Id

  • Job Title

  • Last Name

  • Updated

  • Updated By Name

  • Work Phone