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Tangram::Driver::mysql - Orthogonal Object Persistence in Mysql databases


   use Tangram;
   use Tangram::Driver::mysql;

   $schema = Tangram::Driver::mysql->schema( $hashref );

   Tangram::Driver::mysql->deploy($schema, $dbh);
   $storage = Tangram::Driver::mysql->connect( $schema,
      $data_source, $username, $password );


   Tangram::Driver::mysql->retreat($schema, $dbh);


This is the entry point in the mysql-specific object-relational persistence backend.

This backend makes use of Mysql extensions SELECT GET_LOCK, SELECT RELEASE_LOCK and LAST_INSERT_ID to safely allocate object ids in the absence of transactions.

The vanilla Relational backend may not be used with Mysql databases in multiprogramming context.


This backend does not add any methods; for a description of available methods, see Tangram::Relational.