Mark Fowler
and 1 contributors


Template::Plugin::Textile - textile plugin for the Template Toolkit


  [% USE Textile -%]
  [% FILTER textile %]this is _like_ *so* *cool*[% END %]

  <p>this is <em>like</em> <strong>so</strong <strong>cool</strong></p>


This is a very thin wrapper around Text::Textile for the Template Toolkit. When you load the plugin, it creates a filter called textile that you can use in the normal way

  [% text = BLOCK -%]
  The "Template Toolkit": was written by Andy Wardly.
  This image (c) Julian Cash 2002
  [%- END %]

  [% text | textile %]


  [% FILTER textile %]
  Reasons to use the Template Toolkit:

  * Seperation of concerns.
  * It's written in Perl.
  * Badgers are Still Cool.
  [% END %]


None known (it's only ten lines of code.)

Bugs (and requests for new features) can be reported to the open source development team at Profero though the CPAN RT system: <>


The thin wrapper code (all ten lines of it) was written by Mark Fowler <>.

The Text::Textile module that does all the work was written by Tom Insam <>, and in his own words 'All the clever things in Text::Textile were written by Brad Choate <>'

  Copyright Profero 2003.  All rights reserved.
  Copyright Mark Fowler 2012.  All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Text::Textile, Template, Template::Plugin, Template::Filters