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Peter Billam


audio_stuff - wrapper for aplaymidi, cdda2wav, cdrecord, lame, timidity etc.


$ audio_stuff


This script, which comes along with the Term::Clui Perl-module in its examples directory, integrates various open-source programs for handling Muscript, Midi, WAV, MP3, CDDA and DVD files into one ArrowKey-and-Return user-interface,


  burn files->DataCD  burn WAV->AudioCD     change Directory
  configure Timidity  connect MIDIports     consult Manual
  convert MIDI->MP3   convert MIDI->WAV     convert Muscript->MIDI
  copy audio CD       copy video DVD        create Makefile
  decode MP3->WAV     edit Muscript         encode WAV->MP2
  encode WAV->MP3     list Soundfont        play MIDI,WAV,MP3
  record AudioIn->WAV record Keyboard->MIDI rip AudioCD->WAV
  rip MP3CD->MP3      run a Bristol synth   run alsamixer
rip AudioCD->WAV and burn WAV->AudioCD

These features use cdda2wav or icedax and cdrecord and wodim to get files off AudioCDs into .wav format, or vice-versa.

copy video DVD

This feature uses mkisofs or genisoimage to get files off a Video DVD and growisofs to burn them onto an empty one.

rip MP3CD->MP3 and burn MP3->MP3CD

These features use cp and cdrecord or wodim to get files off MP3-CDs onto local hard-disk, or vice-versa.

encode WAV->MP3 and decode MP3->WAV

These features use lame to get files from .wav format into .mp3 format or vice-versa.

play WAV,MP3,MID

Depending on which file you select, this feature either uses mplayer or mpg123 to play a .mp3 file, or play or sndfile-play to play a .wav file to the headphones, or aplaymidi to send a .mid file to a Synthesiser.


When copying DVDs some big temporary files are created; if your /tmp is too small you can create a BIGTMP environment variable to use somewhere else, e.g.:

 export BIGTMP=/home/tmp


Peter J Billam www.pjb.com.au/comp/contact.html


Based on Term::Clui, alsamixer, aplaymidi, arecordmidi, cdrecord or wodim, cdda2wav or icedax, lame, mkisofs or genisoimage, mpg123, normalize-audio, sox, sndfile_play, startBristol and timidity.


http://www.pjb.com.au/ , http://search.cpan.org/~pjb , http://bristol.sourceforge.net , Term::Clui, alsamixer(1), aplaymidi(1), arecordmidi(1), cdrecord(1), cdda2wav(1), festival(1), genisoimage(1), growisofs(1), icedax(1), lame(1), mpg123(1), mkisofs(1), normalize(1), normalize-audio(1), sndfile_play(1), sox(1), soxexam(7), soxeffect(7), timidity(1), wodim(1)