Alain Barbet


admin_smokedb - Import smoke report in a mysql database


  admin_smokedb --clear  --create --database=s  --dir=s
                 --drop --graph --help --import --man
                 --min_smoke=i --nntp_server=s --mysql=s
                 --password=s --suck --user=s --verbose


This script help you to populate smoke database

The first time you run this script, you must do:

  admin_smokedb --create

for create the needed mysql table. Use --user, --password, --database for overwrite default values.

Then you must do:

  admin_smokedb --suck --import

for create a complete smoke database. It will take some times as it will fetch all reports from the newsgroup since the beginning of the smoke story. You can then launch your browser with smoke_db.cgi.

For a crontab use, do something like this:

  0 8,19 * * * /usr/bin/admin_smokedb --suck --import --user=root --graph -v


Options supported at this moment:



Remove all reports from database


Create needed tables in mysql for store reports


Drop tables in mysql created by this app.


Parse and imports reports in database


Fetch new report from perl.daily-build.reports

--graph [ --min_smoke=no_smoke ]

Build with GD::Graph graph about smoke. Build them in current directory, with the help of the environnement variable CGI_BASE for base url in statics files created.

Others options

--dir= directory

Directory where store fetched reports. Default is HOME/.perl.daily-build.reports

--nntp_server= nntp host

Nntp host to use with --fetch. Default is


Display informations during execution

--user= user --password=s pass --database= db

Informations about mysql connection. Default is current user, no password, database 'smoke'


Test::Smoke::Database, Test::Smoke::Database::FAQ, Test::Smoke


$Revision: 1.14 $


Alain BARBET with some help from Abe Timmerman