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FAQ about smoke database




What is it?

An application that parses smoke-reports for perl-current and puts the results in a database.

Why is it?

This allows for a simple overview of the build status on as wide a variety of supported platforms (operating system/architecture) as possible.

Where do the reports come from?



Which is basically a mirror of the mailing list.

How long before one can see a report in this database that appears on the newsgroup?

12 hours maximum.

How does one submit reports?

Use Test-Smoke available on CPAN:
What is Test-Smoke?

Extract of README: The perl core smoke test suite is a set of simple scripts that try to run the perl core tests on as many configurations as possible and combine that into a easy to parse report.

The perl source tree is refreshed using rsync to the latest level of the perl development branch before the smoke tests start.

How does one use it on a *nix box?

Read README. Run perl

How does one use it on a windows box?

Get rsync(from cygwin). Read <perl_src>/README.win32. Choose a compiler from Borland, MinGW, Cygwin or Visual. And run perl

Euh... I don't see my report!

Send me a mail:


These FAQ were written and conceived by Alain Barbet <> with some help from Abe Timmerman <>