Tara Andrews


Text::Tradition::HasStemma - add-on to associate stemma hypotheses to Text::Tradition objects


It is often the case that, for a given text tradition, the order of copying of the witnesses can or should be reconstructed (or at least the attempt should be made.) This class is a role that can be applied to Text::Tradition objects to record stemma hypotheses. See the documentation for Text::Tradition::Stemma for more information.



Return a list of all stemmata associated with the tradition.


Return the number of stemma hypotheses defined for this tradition.

stemma( $idx )

Return the Text::Tradition::Stemma object identified by the given index.


Delete all stemma hypotheses associated with this tradition.


Returns true if there is currently a Stemweb job ID, indicating that a stemma tree calculation from the Stemweb service is in process.


Return the currently-running job ID (if any) for calculation of Stemweb trees.

set_stemweb_jobid( $jobid )

Record a job ID for a Stemweb calculation.

add_stemma( dotfile => $dotfile ) =head2 add_stemma( dot => $dotstring ) =head2 add_stemma( $stemma_obj )

Initializes a Text::Tradition::Stemma object from the given dotfile, and associates it with the tradition.

record_stemweb_result( $format, $data )

Records the result returned by a Stemweb calculation, and clears any existing job ID. Returns any new stemmata that were created.


This package is free software and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Tara L Andrews <aurum@cpan.org>