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Toadfarm::Manual::RunningToadfarm - Command line options


This manual goes through the command line options for toadfarm.


You can start the application by running:

  $ toadfarm /path/to/toadfarm.conf;

See Toadfarm::Manual::Config for toadfarm.conf format.


toadfarm understands these options:

  -a <path>          Custom application (other than toadfarm)
  -a <class>         Custom application class
  -f, --foreground   Keep manager process in foreground.
  -h, --help         Show this message.
      --man          Show manual
      --start        Only start - no hot reload
  -s, --stop         Stop server gracefully.
  -t, --test         Test application and exit.

Default config file will be $HOME/.toadfarm/$app.conf, where $app is specified by "-a".

  toadfarm -a toadfarm == toadfarm $HOME/.toadfarm/toadfarm.conf"

When loading a class My::App, the config file be $HOME/.toadfarm/my-app.conf.

Custom application

Specifying a custom application disable all the Toadfarm features, but allow the custom app to gain the command line options from the toadfarm script. This allow the app to be started from crontab:

  * * * * * /usr/local/bin/toadfarm -a My::App --start 1>/tmp/toadfarm.cron.log 2>&1

Running Toadfarm on ubuntu

Look at https://github.com/jhthorsen/toadfarm/tree/master/etc for example resources which show how to start Toadfarm on ubuntu.

Debug mode

It is possible to start the server in foreground as well:

  $ MOJO_CONFIG=myconfig.conf toadfarm prefork
  $ MOJO_CONFIG=myconfig.conf toadfarm daemon


Jan Henning Thorsen - jhthorsen@cpan.org