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Jan Henning Thorsen


Toadfarm::Plugin::Reload - Reload toadfarm with new code


This Mojolicious plugin allows the "Toadfarm" server to restart when a resource is hit with a special JSON payload. The payload needs to be compatible with the post-receive-hook github use.


  • You need to set up a post receive hook on github to make this reloader work. Go to "https://github.com/YOUR-USERNAME/YOUR-REPO/settings/hooks" to set it up.

  • The WebHook URL (e.g. http://yourserver.com/some/private/path), should not trigger any mounted apps. This can be achieved by simply using an IP address instead of a hostname or by exempting the GitHub-Hookshot User-Agent from the mount configuration:

      mount 'My::App' => {
        "Host" => qr{^(www.)?yourserver.com$},
        "User-Agent" => qr{^(?:(?!GitHub-Hookshot).)*$},


  #!/usr/bin/env perl
  use Toadfarm -init;

  # mount applications, set up logging, ...

  plugin "Toadfarm::Plugin::Reload" => {
    path         => "/some/private/path",
    repositories => [
        name   => "cool-repo",
        branch => "some-branch",
        path   => "/path/to/cool-repo",
        remote => "whatever",           # default="origin"


Configuration details:

  • path

    This should be the path part of the URL to POST data to reload the server. Make this something semi-secret to avoid random public requests:

      perl -le'print join "/", "", "reload", (time.$$.rand(9999999)) =~ /(\w\w)/g'
  • repositories

    This should contain a mapping between github repository names and local settings:

    • branch

      The name of the branch on github that you push production code to.

      Tip: Instead of using "master", you might want to use "production" or "release" instead. The reason for this is that it will prevent the server from reloading each time you push to "master":

        # Work
        $ git push origin master
        $ git push origin master
        $ git push origin master
        # Make a new release
        $ git tag 0.31
        $ git push origin release
        # This plugin will cause hypnotoad to hot deploy

      Note: The local branch will have the name "toadfarm_reload_branch". The reason for this is to avoid killing commits done manually in the local branch. This is of course a very bad workflow, and should be avoided.

    • path

      This is the path on disk to the local git repo.



  $self->register($app, \%config);

See "SYNOPSIS" for %config parameters.


Jan Henning Thorsen - jhthorsen@cpan.org