rssoutput - Format UnixODBC result set as RSS version 1.0 RDF file.


  rssoutput [--help] | [--user=<username>] [--password=<password>] 
  --dsn=<DSN> --query=<SQLQuery> --channel=<channel_info_file>
  --content=<content_info_file>   [--image=<image_resource_file>]
  [--textinput=<texintput_resource_file>] [--syn=<syn_resource_file>]



Print help message and exit.


Name of the data source to query.


User's DSN login name.


User's DSN login password.


Valid SQL query.


A file that contains information about the RSS channel, as an anonymous hash. A sample channel description is shown here.

    'title' => 'Sample Feed',
    'description' => 'Sample Feed for',
    'link' => ''


A file that contains information about which column of the result set provides content for an item member, as an anonymous hash. Each key-value pair contains, respectively, the name of a result set column and the name of an item member tag: <title>, <description>, <name>, <link>.

    'name' => 'title',
    'short_description' => 'description',
    'author' => 'name',
    'url' => 'link'


Channel image resource information provided in the file that is the argument's parameter should have the form:

        'title' => 'Test Image',
        'url' => 'http://owl/icons/'


Optional Syn resource description in the file given as a parameter.

 {'updatePeriod' => 'daily',
  'updateFrequency' => 1,
  'updateBase' => '2000-01-01T12:00+00.00'


Channel <textinput> resource information in the file given as a parameter.

    'title' => 'Test TextInput',
    'description' => 'This is a test text input',
    'name' => 'Test Input',
    'link' => 'http://hostname/textinput.html'


Version 0.4

Copyright © 2004, 2008 Robert Kiesling,

Licensed under the same terms as Perl. Refer to the file, "Artistic," for details.


perl(1), UnixODBC(3), UnixODBC::RSS(3)

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