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amazonwish - goes and grabs your amazon.(|com) wishlist and totals it up for you


-uk : get values from (default is .com)

-id : your amazon wish list id (it's the last bit of the URL after /wishlist/)

-force : don't look up values from the resource file

-save : save these values to the resource files

-help : print this message

-verbose : print out all the titles, authors, price and type as well as totalling it all up

the first time you run the script you must supply the values but after that it will save them in .amazon_wish in your home directory.

You can overide the resource file by using -force option or the -save option (which will save the new values into the resource file).

So ...

% amazonwish -uk -id yakyakyak


% amazonwish


% amazonwish -id barbarbar -force


% amazonwish


% amazonwish -id barbarbar -save\n


% amazonwish



The best way to do this is to search for your own wishlist in the search tools.

Searching for mine ( on takes me to the URL 

there's some more cruft after that last string of numbers and letters but it's the


bit that's important.

Doing the same for is just as easy.


There was a thread on mailing list about working in a vacumn - that it was a bit depressing to keep writing modules but never get any feedback. So, if you use and like this module then please send me an email and make my day. All it takes is a few little bytes.

Either that or you have the adress of my Amazon Wishlist, it's huge, buy something for me off it :)


Copyright (c) 2001 Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

This software is under no warranty and will probably destroy your wish list, kill your friends, burn your house and bring about the apocalypse


Simon Wistow <>

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