Michael De La Rue


WWW::Link::Reporter::Compile - report link errors suitably for use in emacs


    use WWW::Link;
    use WWW::Link::Reporter::Compile;

    $link=new WWW::Link;
    #over time do things to the link ......

    $::reporter=new WWW::Link::Reporter::Compile;

or see WWW::Link::Selector for a way to recurse through all of the links.


This is designed for reporting errors in a specific file. It prints out an report which is suitable for use by emacs' compile mode.


I don't see any reason to call the okay function.. however for information? We avoid giving a line number so that this doesn't stop emacs compile.


The filename function can be called with one argument to set the filename or will return the current idea of the filename if none is given.

Until the filename is set, filename will return the current contents of $ARGV. After it has been set it will return whatever value was last given.