Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn
and 1 contributors


For newer changes, see the file ChangeLog in the WWW-Search-Lycos distribution.

2.09, 1999-12-26

output format fixes, and query string changes for searching (

2.08, 1999-12-22

point to new path on (thanks to David Bradford

2.07, 1999-12-10

more output format fixes, and missing 'next' link for Sites

2.05, 1999-12-03

handle new url and new output format for

2.04, 1999-10-22

use strip_tags(); extract real URL from's redirection URL

2.03, 1999-10-05

now uses hash_to_cgi_string()

2.02, 1999-09-30

Now able to get Web Sites results via child module

2.01, 1999-07-13

1.04, 1999-04-30

Now uses's advanced query format.

1.02, 1998-12-10

First public release after being adopted by Martin Thurn.