David Landgren
and 1 contributors


velistat - Velib' station status report


velistat [-f file] [-s] [-d nnn] [-n nnn] station


Report on the stations nearest a given station, optionally reporting bike availability.

Takes the station number (e.g. 2007, 4004, ...) as an argument, and the following optional command line switches.


Find all stations within 450m of station 1001

 % velistat -d 450 1001
 station 1001 (0m)
     41 QUAI DE L'HORLOGE - 75001 PARIS

 station 1101 (180m)
     2 PLACE DE L'ECOLE - 75001 PARIS

 station 6014 (275m)
     7 RUE DU PONT DE LODI - 75006 PARIS

 station 1011 (350m)
     46 RUE DE L'ARBRE SEC - 75001 PARIS

 station 1010 (405m)
     10 RUE DU PONT NEUF - 75001 PARIS

 station 1009 (445m)
     14 RUE DU PONT NEUF - 75001 PARIS

Legend: % is a bicycle (mnemonic: looks like a bike), _ is a free slot, and x represents a broken bicycle or slot.


-f file

Use a cached map file instead of downloading a map.

-d nnn

Find all stations within nnn metres of given station.

-n nnn

Find the nnn closest stations (if -d and -n are not given, defaults to 1).


Download the status of each station (available bikes, available slots).




Copyright (C) 2007 David Landgren. All rights reserved.


This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.