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WebService::Cmis::AtomFeed - Representation of an Atom feed.


This class is subclassed to further specify the type of entries in this collection.


Sub-classes must implement <L/newEntry> to specify how to instantiate objects of this feed.



Create a new WebService::Cmis::AtomFeed object.

getLink($relation) -> $href

returns the link found in the feed's XML for the specified relation

newEntry($xmlDoc) -> $atomEntry

creates an item from an xml fragment part of this atom feed. this virtual method must be implemented by subclasses of AtomFeed. name to be used for all entries

getNext -> $nextAtomEntry

returns the next AtomEnrty in this feed or undef if we hit the end of the list

getPrev -> $prevAtomEntry

returns the previous AtomEnrty in this feed or undef if we hit the beginning of the list

getFirst -> $firstAtomEntry

returns the first AtomEntry of the feed.

getLast -> $lastAtomEntry

returns the last AtomEntry of the feed.


fetches the last page of the feed and sets the index to the last entry on that page. This is the kind of oposite of rewind(). This only works if the repository returns a "last" link.


fetches the first page of the feed again and resets the counter so that the next call to getNext() will return the first AtomEntry in the feed again

getTitle -> $title

getter for the object's atom:title property.

getUpdated -> $epoch

getter for the object's atom:updated property.

getGenerator -> $string

getter for the object's atom:generator property.

getSize -> $integer

get the total number of items in the result set. it first tries to read the cmisra:numItems property. if that's not present the opensearch:totalResults elemt is checked

getPageSize -> $integer

returns the size of a page in the result set. this should equal the maxItem value if set in a query


return a string representation of this object


Copyright 2012-2013 Michael Daum

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See http://dev.perl.org/licenses/artistic.html.