Webservice::InterMine::Cookbook::Templates::Recipe2 - Logging in to access your templates


  use Webservice::InterMine ('', $user, $pass);

  ## Run your super secret private template gene -> cure for cancer
  my $template = Webservice::InterMine->template('Gene_To_Cure_For_Cancer');
      or die "Could not find template";

  my $results  = $template->results_with(value1 => 'Drosophila melanogaster');


As long as you have provided your login information to the service, you will be able to access your saved templates and lists.

The template can be accessed and used as any other template, both via the API and through the webapp. Don't forget that you can manage your templates through the webapp interface, which in many cases might be more straightforward than using this programmatic API.


If you have set up templates in a webapp, you can access them anywhere by using your login details.