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TODO - Todo list for WordNet::SenseRelate::AllWords


Plans for future versions of AllWords, including, driver, and web interface.


For version 0.20


Add config file option to the web interface so that it would be able to handle the files specified in the configuration file ( for example, stoplist file path specified in the configuration file). This is not provided now because the client-server model of the web interface makes it hard to handle such paths on the server machine.


Add logging for We log However we don't log, which makes it difficult for debugging if something goes wrong in the core algorithm.


Store error code and error message in AllWords object which will be useful in AllWords clients, that is and We can check for those errors and take appropriate actions in the client code.


Had a number of reported test failures in 0.08 due to WordNet version issues. Need to add version checks to test cases to avoid this. These tests should use WordNet::Tools, not the deprecated version() method in QueryData.


Expanding set of POS tags that can be used, either by modifying or allowing user to submit a config file of some kind defining the tag set. At present limited to Penn TreeBank set of 47 tags.


Return codes that identifies trace level (to enable color coding).


Graceful shutdown and restart of web server. Allow for a stop or restart command from the command line, rather than having to kill the process.


Make a design decision about whether web interface should communicate directly with via disambiguation method, or should use command.


Develop methods for testing web interface, or at least directly testing disambiguate method as used by web interface. Should have test cases that can be run to demonstrate problems as listed here, and also make sure that once they are fixed they stay fixed.


Expand the testing in /t for and Right now it's quite minimal, and has very limited coverage. We should have multiple .t files, organized in some way to indicate what kind of testing we are doing, maybe based on format and then options being used, as in tagged.t for testing pos tagged data, wntagged.t for wordnet tagged data, raw.t or plain.t for that format, and so there. There is no reason that the testing be confined to one file per module or program as it is now.


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 Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota, Duluth
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