XML::GDOME::XPath::Evaluator - Interface XPathEvaluator implementation.


  $xpeval     = XML::GDOME::XPathEvaluator::mkref();
  $xpnsresolv = $xpeval->createNSResolver($nodeResolver);
  $xpresult   = $xpeval->createResult();
  $xpresult   = $xpeval->evaluate($expression,$contextNode,$resolver,$type,$result);


$xpeval = XML::GDOME::XPathEvaluator::mkref();

Constructor of the XPathEvaluator interface.

Returns: the reference to the XPathEvaluator structure.

$xpnsresolv = $xpeval->createNSResolver($nodeResolver);

Adapts any DOM node to resolve namespaces so that an XPath expression can be easily evaluated relative to the context of the node where it appeared within the document.

Returns: GdomeXPathNSResolver object.

$xpresult = $xpeval->createResult();

Returns: an GdomeXPathResult object which may be passed as a parameter to the evaluation methods of this GdomeXPathEvaluator so that a new one is not created on each call to an evaluation method.

$xpresult = $xpeval->evaluate($expression,$contextNode,$resolver,$type,$result);

Evaluates an XPath expression string

expression: The XPath expression string to be parsed and evaluated.

contextNode: Context node for the evaluation of this XPath expression.

resolver: The resolver permits translation of prefixes within the XPath expression into appropriate namespace URIs.

type: If specified, result will be coerced to return the specified type.

result: Specifies a GdomeXPathResult object to be re-used.

Returns: a result of the specified type if possible.