Don Owens
and 1 contributors


XML::Parser::Wrapper::Changes - List of significant changes to XML::Parser::Wrapper


Version 0.15

Added XML::SAX::Base to the prerequisites in Makefile.PL to fix automated testing failure

Version 0.14

Added new methods get_xml_decl and get_doctype.
Created file from entries in WhatsNew.

Version 0.13

Change formatting in documentation.
Added method to output jsonML, but, it's not fully tested so it's not documented

Version 0.12

Version 0.11

Added methods to update attributes and text nodes
Added methods to remove child nodes.

Version 0.10

Documented the new_doc() method.
Fixed issues with attributes when using SAX parsers
split escape_xml() into escape_xml_body() and escape_xml_attr()

Version 0.09

Version 0.08

new() now returns a reusable object if no parameters are passed
added an escape for single quote => '

Version 0.07

new method update_node()
new method update_kid()

Version 0.06

new method add_child()/add_kid()
new method to_xml()

Version 0.05

got rid of warning when calling $node->kid_if($name)->text when the child node does not exist

Version 0.04

new methods simple_data() and dump_simple_data()

Version 0.03

new method <html()>
new method xml()

Version 0.02

new method first_element_if()
take optional parameter to first_element() to return the first child element with the given name
take optional parameter to <elements()> to return a list of child elements with the given name