Changes - List of significant changes to Yahoo::Search

Changes in 1.11.3

    Depend on LWP version instead of individual module versions.
    Bump sub-module versions to make them shorter to avoid float issues.

Changes in 1.11.2

    Default XML to UTF-8 encoding if an explicit encoding isn't given.

Changes in 1.11.1

    Fixed to return UTF-8 strings when using the default internal
        Yahoo::Search::XML parser, like it does when using the XML::Simple
        parser.  Added tests for same. RT#45029 RT#35213 RT#31618

    Fixed entity parsing thanks to Bernt Budde. RT#32011

    Added Region parameter thanks to Hendrik Weimer. RT#54591

    Changed MaxCount to simply be advisory, so searches requesting more
      results aren't aborted by the module.

    Converted to use Dist::Zilla for releases.

    Added a note to the docs recording the fact that Jeffrey Friedl
        has placed the 1.10.13 code into the public domain (CC0).

Earlier Changes

    1.10.13 Mar 20, 2007
    Had to add some fake VERSION lines to the non-main pm files to satisfy CPAN.

    1.9.12 Mar 20, 2007
    Fixed AppId check to allow for new, longer AppIds. Mike Kabanoid actually reported
    this to me two months ago, and I lamely forgot about it until now. Sorry!

    1.8.11 Feb 23, 2007
    Changes per Yahoo for new API servers:

    1.7.10 July 29, 2006
    Oops, had left in a spurious debugging message. Removed.

    1.6.9  July 29, 2006
    Yahoo! yet again changed their XML in a way incompatible with
    Yahoo::Search::XML. I can't really blame them, since their XML is quite
    legal -- the problem is Yahoo::Search::XML.

    I've updated Yahoo::Search::XML to handle the new XML, and updated
    Yahoo::Search::Request to be a bit more graceful, reverting to
    XML::Simple (if it exists) when Yahoo::Search::XML can't hanldle things.

    1.5.8  March 2, 2006
    On a bad-request error, the error message returned in the XML is supplied
    in $@, if available. (Otherwise, the HTTP status line message is
    returned, as was the previous action.)

    XML parser can now handle CDATA, and is more robust in general.

    Fixed an XML parser bug WRT numeric entities (thanks to Ask Hansen, who
    sent the report and fix in in November -- my bad for sitting on it so

    1.4.7  March 31, 2005
    Added support for 'Terms' searches (reports which search terms in some
    text are important), which Y! announced today.

    Added 'Count' arg to 'Related' searches -- hadn't noticed that it
    was supported by the backend.

    1.3.6   March 24, 2005
    Changed the 'all' value for Type to 'any' ('all' is still allowed, but
    deprecated), as per changes Y! announced today.

    Added 'Color' option to Image search (which I somehow forgot when it
    was made available by Y! two weeks ago).

    Added 'License' option to Doc search (which Y! announced today)

    1.2.5   March 19, 2005

    Added support for Y!Q contextual search (via the new 'Context' arg of a
    Doc search). As part of this, have any request greater than a certain
    size become a POST.

    1.1.4   March 10, 2005

    Added support for 'Lat' and 'Long' args to a 'Local' query.

    No longer restrict a Language arg to a specific set of values -- let the
    web services return an error if the language is not known. I made this
    change because I suspect that the list of languages will be somewhat
    dynamic, and I don't want people to have to install a new version of this
    package just because Yahoo! added, say, Serbian to the list of languages.

    Removed the prepended "ERROR " from all $@ values -- dunno why I had it
    there in the first place.

    Documented %Yahoo::Search::KnownLanguage (and added

    Documented $Yahoo::Search::UseXmlSimple

    Documented the PreRequestCallback argument

    Added support for a 'Country' arg to a 'Doc' query.

    1.0.3   March 6, 2005

    A few doc typo corrections -- thanks John Gruber

    1.0.2   March 1, 2005

    Added env_proxy to LWP::UserAgent request -- thanks SIMONFLK

    1.0.1   March 1, 2005

    Fixed bonehead CPAN install error -- thanks Tatsuhiko Miyagawa.

    1.0.0   Feb 28, 2005

    Public release

    0.9     Feb 18, 2005

    Yahoo!-Internal release