pogg - Perl Ogg Vorbis Utility


  pogg [play]  [options] [file1.ogg file2.ogg...]
  pogg encode  [options] [file1.wav file2.wav...]
  pogg decode  [options] [file1.ogg file2.ogg...]
  pogg convert [options] [file1.mp3 file2.mp3...]
  pogg comment [options] [file1.ogg file2.ogg...]


pogg is a general purpose tool for playing, encoding (from .wav), decoding (to .wav), converting (from .mp3) and commenting Ogg Vorbis files. External programs must be used to handle mp3 files, and currently pogg cannot write .ogg files (and thus cannot modify comments, encode to .ogg, or convert from mp3).


-h, --help

Print a brief usage message.

-v, --version

Display version info.

-d, --device DEVICE

Add a device to play to. The device may be any of oss, esd, alsa, irix or solaris as the output device, or wav to write to a wav file. You may specify additional options to a device by appending a colon and comma-separated list of key=value pairs. Examples:

  pogg file.ogg -d wav:file=output.wav
  pogg file.ogg -d esd -d alsa:card=0,dev=1
-b, --bits BITS

Set the number of bits per sample (8 or 16, default 16).

-r, --rate RATE

Set the number of samples per second (default 44100).

-c, --channels CHANNELS

Set the number of channels (1 = mono, 2 = stereo).

-s, --buffer SIZE

Set buffer size (default 4096).


Alex Shinn,


Ogg::Vorbis(3pm), Ao(3pm), ogg123(1), oggenc(1), perl(1).