juke - manipulate jukeboxes from the command line

Provide a command line wrapper for the jukebox control program mtx. It's derived from my stacker program, which emulates the IRIX stacker command.

juke exists because:

 . its interface is simple
 . usage is consistent across machines and operating systems
 . it implements pseudo barcodes for changers lacking a reader
 . it acts as my jukebox simulator - no mtx hacking required
 . it waits for a "media ready" condition when changing media
 . it's usable in file backup solutions for all the above


juke -help


In juke lingo, a jukebox is a physical device consisting of one or more Data Transfer Elements (DTE) and one or more Storage Elements (SE). Think of a DTE as the hardware that reads/writes storage media, perhaps magnetic tapes or optical disks. An SE stores media until it's loaded into a DTE. A mail slot is a special SE used to add or remove (bump) media from the jukebox without having to open the jukebox up (as is required with a simple stacker device). In the case of two-sided optical media, juke can invert the media if there is hardware support.

juke can also simulate a barcode capability for jukeboxes lacking a real barcode reader. Once media is physically loaded into an SE the operator enters the media's barcode. As long as juke is the only program manipulating that media, it is tracked as it moves about the jukebox. Barcode information is maintained in a Perl SDBM database.

Barcodes are set either by clicking on a media slot in tkjuke, or the juke command line:

    juke barcodes filename
    juke barcodes saddr1 barcode1 [ saddr2 barcode2 .... ]

If a filename is specified, each line is of the form saddr=barcode, where barcode is the barcode, and saddr is the slot address:


slot is required and is the SE number, host defaults to the local host and changer is the configured changer device for this instance of juke.


To see the status of a jukebox:

    juke status

To load media:

    juke load 1

To unload the media:

    juke unload


Copyright (C) 2002 - 2007, Steve Lidie. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


mtx, jukebox, tkjuke