webrobot-load - run a testplan in multiple client mode


 webrobot-load cfg=example/cfg.prop testplan=example/testplan.xml


This command runs multiple clients. Each client runs a testplan. The results will be printed on STDOUT and the file WEBROBOT_OUT.

This command takes two parameters, both are mandatory:


Display this help.


Print the version number. It is taken from

--cfg config_filename

This is the configuration file, see WWW::Webrobot::pod::Config.

--testplan testplan_filename

This is the testplan to run, see WWW::Webrobot::pod::Testplan.

--define property=value

Define some property/value pairs. This overwrites properties defined in the config file.

NOTE: Although it may seem that webrobot-load is a superset of webrobot this is not true. Use webrobot for single client tests.

LIMITATION: This script will work on unixoid systems only. It uses the magic open($HANDLE, "-|") in "Forker" in WWW::Webrobot which uses fork.