tv_sort - Sort XMLTV listings files by date, and add stop times.


tv_sort [--help] [--by-channel] [--output FILE] [FILE...]


Read XMLTV data and write out the same data sorted in date order. Where stop times of programmes are missing, guess them from the start time of the next programme on the same channel.

Tv_sort also performs some sanity checks such as making sure no two programmes on the same channel overlap.

--output FILE write to FILE rather than standard output

--by-channel sort first by channel id, then by date within each channel.

The time sorting is by start time, then by stop time. Without --by-channel, if start times and stop times are equal then two programmes are sorted by internal channel id. With --by-channel, channel id is compared first and then times.

You can think of tv_sort as converting XMLTV data into a canonical form, useful for diffing two files.




Ed Avis,