tv_grab_fr - Grab TV listings for France.


To configure: tv_grab_fr --configure [--config-file FILE] To grab listings: tv_grab_fr [--output FILE] [--quiet] Slower, detailed grab: tv_grab_fr --slow [--output FILE] [--days N] [--offset N] [--quiet] Help: tv_grab_fr --help


Output TV listings for several channels available in France (Hertzian, Cable/satellite, Canal+ Sat, TPS). The data comes from The default is to grab as many days as possible from the current day onwards. By default the program description are not downloaded, so if you want description and ratings, you should active the --slow option.

--configure Grab channels informations from the website and ask for channel type and names.

--output FILE write to FILE rather than standard output.

--days N grab N days starting from today, rather than as many as possible. Due to the website organization, the speed is exactly the same, whatever the number of days is until you activate the --slow option. So this option is ignored if --slow is not also given.

--offset N start grabbing N days from today, rather than starting today. N may be negative. Due to the website organization, N cannot be inferior to -1. As with --days, this is only useful for limiting downloads in --slow mode.

--slow Get additional information from the website, like program description, reviews and credits.

--quiet suppress the progress messages normally written to standard error.




Sylvain Fabre,