For GetSearchResultsExpress, controls the details to retrieve per item, product, or histogram.




(in) The effect of Coarse varies for HistogramDetails, ProductDetails, and ItemDetails.<br> <br> For HistogramDetails, this is primarily useful for reducing the histogram depth when you search across all departments or within a specific department. (When you search by AisleName or ProductTypeName, there is no difference between Coarse and Fine).<br> <br> If the request includes no DepartmentName, AisleName, or ProductName, retrieve a histogram for all departments that match the criteria in the request, but don't retrieve aisle or product type details. Stand-alone domains (aisles and product types) aren't grouped into departments, so Express ignores them in this departments-only histogram. That is, the data in the histogram is only based on matching departments and their grouped subdomains. (Please note the following consequences of retrieving a departments-only histogram: If Express only finds items or products in stand-alone domains, then ItemCount or ProductCount could be 0. For example, if Express finds catalog products in two departments, but only finds items in a stand-alone product type (like DVDs & Movies), ItemCount would be 0 in the two departments. Furthermore, if all matching items and catalog products are in stand-alone domains, no histogram is returned at all (because there are no matching departments). This might occur when you also add filters (e.g., LowestPrice) or more query keywords to your request.)<br> <br> If the request only specifies DepartmentName, retrieve a histogram for that department and all of its aisles (but no histogram details for any product types it contains). If the request only specifies AisleName, retrieve the full histogram for that aisle, including all of its product types and the parent department. If the request only specifies ProductTypeName, retrieve the histogram for its parent department (and any aisles), or only retrieve the histogram for the product type if isn't grouped into a department.<br> <br> For ProductDetails, retrieve the Title, MinPrice, and MaxPrice fields for each product found.<br> <br> For ItemDetails, retrieve the ItemID, Title, BuyItNowPrice, and ShippingDetails node for each item found.


(in) For HistogramDetails, retrieve a full histogram (all levels of the domain hierarchy) that matches the request. If you specify Fine, you must also specify DepartmentName, AisleName, and/or ProductTypeName in the request. If the request only specifies DepartmentName, retrieve a full histogram for that department, all of its aisles, and all of its product types. If the request only specifies AisleName or ProductTypeName, the results are the same as specifying Coarse.<br> <br> For ProductDetails, retrieve all applicable fields for each catalog product found.<br> <br> For ItemDetails, retrieve all applicable fields for each item found.


(in) For HistogramDetails, omits the histogram from the response. For ProductDetails, omits the ProductArray from the response. For ItemDetails, omits the ItemArray from the response.


(out) Reserved for internal or future use.