glade2perl-2 - Builds Gtk2-Perl sources from a Glade-2 file


 glade2perl-2 2;


This script will read a Glade file (first arg) and generate Gtk-Perl source application files for the Glade project.

This script is called when you click Glade's 'Build' button for a Perl project or you can call it directly.

If you do not specify a project file as the first arg, Glade-Perl-Two will work on the most recently used file (details kept in the user options file).

Diagnostics are produced if you specify a verbose level as second arg (default level is 0 ie. no messages logged).

    'verbose'          => 0,   # Turn off diagnostics
    'verbose'          => 1,   # Errors only
    'verbose'          => 2,   # Warnings and some diagnostics
    'verbose'          => 4,   # More diagnostics (you get the idea :)
    'verbose'          => 10,  # All diagnostics (more than you want)

For a user, probably the most useful verbose level is 2.

To save the diagnostics to disk (default 0 is NO output), you can edit the value in glade2perl-2 to change the default verbosity (eg from Glade) or you can specify a 2nd arg to glade2perl-2 if you are calling the script directly.


Glade::Two::Generate(3) Glade::Two::Run(3)


Dermot Musgrove <>