overview - Update or create nnml databases for ding.


overview [-base directory] [-dir directory] [-force] [-verbose] [-debug]


Overview creates or updates nnml databases. The nnml database is assumed to live in Mail in the users home directory. This can be overwritten by the -base alternative_absolute_path option.

The script operates on the full database unless the option -dir path_to_the_part is given.

The script incrementally updates the active file in the base directory and all .overview files in the subdirectories. The modification times of the old versions are used to determine for which files entries must be added.

The option -force may be used to force the script to generate the databases from scratch.


HOME and LOGDIR are used to determine the users home directory.


Incrementally update ~/Mail/active and ~/Mail/*/.overview:


Incrementally update ~/Mail/active and ~/Mail/lists/ding/.overview:

overview -dir ~/Mail/lists/ding

Generate ~/Mail/active and ~/Mail/*/.overview from scratch:

  overview -force                  


Ulrich Pfeifer <>


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