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paia - Patrons Account Information API command line client


version 0.27


    paia login --base -u alice -p 12345
    paia patron
    paia items
    paia renew
    paia session --verbose
    paia logout

Run paia help or perldoc paia for more commands and options.


The paia command line client can be used to access library patron account information, such as loans, reservations, and fees via the Patrons Account Information API (PAIA).

PAIA defines three commands for authentification (PAIA auth) and six commands to access a patron account (PAIA core). For instance

    paia items [options]

calls the "items" command of PAIA core. Access to PAIA core commands is granted by access tokens that can be required by the "login" command. By default the client automatically calls "login" if needed. Access token, patron identifier and PAIA server URLs are stored in a session file (paia-session.json by default) that can be checked with command "session".

Basic options, such as base/core/auth URLs, username, and password can be stored in a config file (paia.json by default), such as following:

      "base": "",
      "username": "alice",
      "password": "12345"


Call paia help <command> for help on a specific PAIA command. Note that PAIA servers do not need to support all PAIA commands.

PAIA auth

login (<>)

Get a access token and patron identifier from credentials (username and password). On success access token, patron identifier and base URL are stored to a session file.

logout (<>)

Invalidate an access token. An existing session file is deleted.

change (<>)

Change login password.

PAIA core

patron (<>)

Get general patron information.

items (<>)

List loans, reservations and other items related to a patron.

request (<>)

Request one or more items for reservation or delivery.

renew (<>)

Renew one or more documents held by a patron.

cancel (<>)

Cancel requests.

fees (<>)

List fees.

Client commands


Shows the current PAIA auth session status from session file.


Show help.


PAIA specification


Perl module used to implement this client


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This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.