David E. Wheeler


pgxn_api_sync - Sync the PGXN API server to a PGXN mirror


  pgxn_api_sync --root /path/to/api/doc/root \
                --rsync /path/to/rsync \


This program syncs the PGXN API server to a PGXN mirror, unpacking all of the synced distributions and indexing them for the API. It's meant to be run on a cron job, so that the API server can be regularly updated with the most recent additions to the network. For example, to run it hourly at 42 minutes past the hour, put this in your crontab:

  * * * * 42 pgxn_api_sync rsync://master.pgxn.org/pgxn/


  -r --rsync          Location of rsync if it's not in your path.
  -d --root           Directory to use for the API doc root.
  -V --verbose        Incremental verbosity to STDOUT.
  -h --help           Print a usage statement and exit.
  -m --man            Print the complete documentation and exit.
  -v --version        Print the version number and exit.


David E. Wheeler <david.wheeler@pgexperts.com>

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 David E. Wheeler.

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