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pm-deps - Fetch and show dependencies of CPAN module


    # Fetch dependencies of the latest Acme
    $ pm-deps Acme

    # Fetch dependencies of Acme (version 1.11111)
    $ pm-deps Acme 1.11111

    # Fetch dependencies of the latest Acme with specifying the target perl version
    $ pm-deps --perl-version 5.008009 Acme

    # Fetch dependencies of local module (It refers META.json or MYMETA.json)
    $ pm-deps --local /path/to/your/awesome/module

    # Fetch dependencies without specified phases.
    $ pm-deps --without-phase configure,develop Acme # <= ignore dependencies of `configure` and `develop` phases.

    # Fetch dependencies without specified types.
    $ pm-deps --without-type recommends,suggests Acme # <= ignore dependencies of `recommends` and `suggests` types.


This script fetches dependencies of CPAN module, and show them. This application attempts to connect to metacpan to fetch dependencies. And you can extract dependency information from the module on your local environment.


    --local /path/to/your/awesome/module

It extracts and shows the dependencies of the local module. It looks META.json or MYMETA.json (It gives priority to META.json).

    --perl-version version

It specifies the target perl version.

    --without-phase phase

It ignores specified phases (e.g. configure, develop, etc...).

    --without-type type

It ignores specified types (e.g. requires, recommends, etc...).

    --timeout seconds

It specifies seconds of the threshold for timeout (This script attempts to connect to metacpan)


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