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pmcheck - show all Perl packages provided or required


pmcheck [ --missing | --provided ] [ <directory or file> ]


Recursively extract package information from all readable non-empty regular text files in the source tree. The current directory is used if no directory or file is specified. All dot-files and directories are ignored.

If the --provided option is given, shows all packages provided by .pm files in the source tree. Otherwise shows all packages required by .cgi, .pl, .pm and .t files that are not provided anywhere in the source tree (and also nowhere in @INC if the --missing option is given). Files with no dot in the name are also checked if they start with a perl shebang line.

NOTE: Packages required by the 'use base' and 'use parent' pragmas and by the Moose 'extends' and 'with' functions will only be included if Module::Used is available. Will display an activity indicator if run interactively and Term::Activity is available.


    --missing   Show all required packages that are not available in @INC
    --provided  Show all packages provided by .pm files



pmcheck -m

pmcheck -p


Created by Andrew Pam <andrew.pam@strategicdata.com.au> Copyright 2011-2012 Strategic Data

This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.