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Hubot::Scripts::standup - Agile standup bot ala tender


    hubot standup? - show help for standup


First, you tell hubot who is a member for a particular team for the standup, using the roles commands with "(who) is a (team) member".

Let's take "engineering" team for example.

    miyagawa: hubot miyagawa is an engineering member
    hubot: Ok, miyagawa is an engineering member
    miyagawa: hubot john is an engineering member
    hubot: Ok, john is an engineering member
    miyagawa: hubot davidlee is an engineering member
    hubot: Ok, davidlee is an engineering member

You can create as many teams as you want.


Hubot won't schedule the standup for you (yet), you have to start it by yourself when it's time.

    miyagawa: hubot standup for engineering
    hubot: Ok, let's start the standup: miyagawa, john, davidlee
    hubot: john: your turn

Hubot remembers who should participate the standup, and will tell whose turn is the next. Tell what you did yesterday, will do today, anything blocked. and say "next" (or "done") when you're done.

    john: Done some pretty nice hack yesterday.
    john: I will work on another cool stuff today.
    john: I'm not blocked
    john: hubot next
    hubot: davidlee: your turn

When the user is offline or away for a second, tell hubot to skip the user.

    miyagawa: hubot skip davidlee
    hubot: Will skip davidlee
    hubot: miyagawa: your turn

Once the last user is done, hubot will tell you how long the standup was.

    miyagawa: I'm working on some nice stuff, and will continue doing so today.
    miyagawa: hubot next
    hubot: All done! Standup was 5 minutes and 24 seconds.



the bot will post the standup archive to Yammer. You need to set a valid Yammer OAuth2 token to HUBOT_STANDUP_YAMMER_TOKEN environment variable.

Here's how to get a valid Yammer OAuth2 token with the standard OAuth2 authorization flow.

See Yammer documentation for more details.

  • Register a new application on Yammer at `https://www.yammer.com/<DOMAIN>/client_applications/new`. Leave the callback URLs empty

  • Take notes of your `consumer_key` and `consumer_secret`

  • Make a new bot user on Yammer (optional). This is the user who will post archives as.

  • Sign in as the new bot user on Yammer if necessary

  • Go to `https://www.yammer.com/dialog/oauth?client_id=<consumer_key>`

  • There's an authorization dialog. Authorize the app

  • Look at the URL bar and there's a `code=<CODE>` query parameter in there, copy that.

  • `curl https://www.yammer.com/oauth2/access_token?code=<CODE>&client_id=<consumer_key>&client_secret=<consumer_secret>`

  • you'll get a big JSON that contains `access_token` -> `token`

Now set the token to HUBOT_STANDUP_YAMMER_TOKEN and Hubot will ask which group ID the log should be posted to. Use the group ID 0 to turn off the feature for a group.




Hyungsuk Hong <hshong@perl.kr>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Hyungsuk Hong.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.