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Author image Abe Timmerman


mktest.pl - Configure, build and test bleading edge perl


    $ ./mktest.pl [options] smoke.cfg


  • -n | --norun | --dry-run

  • -v | --verbose [ level ]

  • -m | --win32-maker <dmake | nmake>

  • -c | --win32-cctype <BORLAND | GCC | MSVC20 | MSVC | MSVC60>

  • -s | --smoker <your-email-address>

All remaining arguments in @ARGV are used for MSWin32 to tweak values in Config.pm and should be key=value pairs.


is_win32( )

is_win32() returns true if $^O eq "MSWin32".

run( $command[, $sub] )

run() returns qx( $command ) unless $sub is specified. If $sub is defined (and a coderef) $sub->( $command ) will be called.

make( $command )

make() calls run( "make $command" ), and does some extra stuff to help MSWin32 (the right maker, the directory).

ttylog( @message )

ttylog() prints @message to both STDOUT and the logfile.

Configure_win32( $command )

Configure_win32() alters the settings of the makefile for MSWin32. It supports these options:

  • -Duseperlio

    set USE_PERLIO = define (default)

  • -Dusethreads

    set USE_ITHREADS = define (also sets USE_MULTI and USE_IMP_SYS)

  • -Duseithreads: set USE_ITHREADS = define

    set USE_ITHREADS = define (also sets USE_MULTI and USE_IMP_SYS)

  • -Dusemultiplicity

    sets USE_MULTI = define (also sets USE_ITHREADS and USE_IMP_SYS)

  • -Duseimpsys

    sets USE_IMP_SYS = define (also sets USE_ITHREADS and USE_MULTI)


    sets CFG = Debug

  • -DINST_DRV=...

    sets INST_DRV to a new value (default is "c:")

  • -DINST_TOP=...

    sets INST_DRV to a new value (default is "$(INST_DRV)\perl")

get_cfg_filename( )

get_cfg_filename() tries to find a cfg file and returns it.

skip_filter( $line )

skip_filter() returns true if the filter rules apply to $line.


Copyright (C) 2002 H.Merijn Brand, Nicholas Clark, Abe Timmmerman

This suite is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, without consulting the author.

(Future) Co-Authors and or contributors should agree to this before submitting patches.