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ReleaseNotes - These are the Release Notes for 1.18.06


These are the major changes since version 1.17.


I have done more refactoring and wrote some new code and documentation since v1.17.

Here is a list of changes for 1.18.xx MAINT:

  1. I forgot to call make -i distclean before do_manifest_check().

  2. Added the new report status X to report failing tests under make _test that do not fail under harness.

  3. Added a little archive script, that archives the report and the logfile.

  4. Alan Burlison asked for something to give a status report on running smokes. So I put something together in smokestatus.pl, thank you Alan for this good idea.

    As of 1.18.03 there are two new options: --all which tries to check the status for all *_config files, and --running which tries to check the status for all configs associated with *.lck files.

  5. The make processes (make and make test-prep) will now take extra options and make _test can be configured to use a diffent make-binary.

  6. [Bug Fix] Alan Burlison pointed me at an ommission in the refactoring process. I forgot about $ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH}, now back in.

  7. [Bug Fix] Merijn found that "--continue" did not work. It was broken in multiple places. Thanks Merijn for helping me to get it to work.

  8. [Bug Fix] Abigail found that runsmoke.pl was not as backward compatible with mktest.pl as documented. He provided a fix proposal. Thanks Abigail!

  9. [Bug Fix] Nick Clark found a thinko in the configsmoke.pl code that writes the jcl after configuration in a different directory from the install directory. Thanks Nick!

Major changes since 1.17

  1. Jarkko suggested a timeout mechanism so that smokes are stopped on a specific time or after a specified duration.

        {killtime} eq '07:30' stops the smoke at 07:30 (AM)
        {killtime} eq '+9:30' stop after 9.5 hours

    (this change was integrated into 1.17.02 MAINT)

  2. Test::Smoke::BuildCFG is a new interface for handling build configurations. This OO interface will serialize the parsed build configurations and give you the ability to iterate over them.

  3. Test::Smoke::Smoker is a new interface for running a smoke cycle. It basically replaces the inner works of mktest.pl.

    mktest.pl is hereby deprecated and runsmoke.pl is its replacement front-end to Test::Smoke/Test::Smoke::Smoker

  4. Merijn was in dire need of a --continue option and it was on Abigail's wishlist as well as on mine. So I hacked it.

  5. I wanted support for Jarkko's 5.8.x snapshots. These are only available via HTTP without a directory listing. There was already support for a specific snapshot file but not for HTTP. If you have LWP installed, Test::Smoke will use LWP::Simple::mirror() to fetch the snapshot. (You should create a separate configuration for this.) Use this feature together with the new --snapshot=i switch for smokeperl.pl:

        $ ./snap58x.sh --snapshot 19876

    (these changes were integrated from 1.17.07 MAINT)

  6. The new --defaultenv switch allows you to run the test-suite without $ENV{PERLIO} (a single pass for make test).

  7. configsmoke.pl now does a basic check for unsupported build-options in the build-configurations file.

    This feature is still in its infancy, so if you have any information regarding your platform, please let us know.

  8. The keys in the *_config files will now be ordered if Data::Dumper->can('Sortkeys'). This was a feature request from Merijn.

  9. In some cases miniperl gets build but no perl. Hugo suggested we should run make minitest in this case. The new status M will appear in the reports and if there are test failures they are marked with [minitest].

  10. Now that we have a new Champion for 5.6.2 (thank you Rafael) there are some extra defaults to help configuring Test::Smoke for this release.


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Copyright 2002-2003, Abe Timmerman <abeltje@cpan.org> All rights reserved.

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